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Kinuvate is a digital agency created with the future in mind. Focus is on the end user, and solutions come with usability, conversion rate optimization as top priorities

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Recent Work

  • Gutamål – Dictionary Android app

    Gutamål – Dictionary Android app

    Gutamålsgillet (a society for the preservation of the “Gutamål” language) wanted an Android app with

  • Momondo, travel search engine

    Momondo, travel search engine

    The then newly started vertical flight search engine Momondo, finding the best options for flight

  • Shoetip, social meets shopping

    Shoetip, social meets shopping

    Kinuvate came onboard and created most front-end web development as well as parts of back-end

  • Weatherpal – Social integration

    Weatherpal – Social integration

    The Swedish national weather service SMHI wanted a new look and feel, while also making

  • Öppet Gotland Android app

    Öppet Gotland Android app

    Öppet Gotland (Open Gotland) is an Android app created for the local tourism board on